What is Psychometry


Psychometry is the ability to sense the energy of an object in relation to the owner of the object. Psychometry works best with metals like gold and silver or something that has been in close regular contact with the person for who the reading is being done.

Typically a reader will ask for a piece of jewellery or a watch and will begin to focus on the energy of the object. Focusing on the energy is like meditation except your focus is on the object and how it feels.

There are many ways people practice psychometry, for instance when we are showing people how to begin psychometry we often will ask the person to hold the object, then begin to focus on the feeling of the object in the hand, then imagine your awareness is entering the object.

Then in your awareness ask the object to show the message most need at this point for the person needing the information. The object acts like a bridge to the consciousness and when the question is asked will reveal the message.

The message can be in various formats and will be known to the person doing the reading. The important part here is to share the message with the person as soon as it feels right to do so. The person receiving the message may not relate immediately, but the purpose of the message will be revealed.

If you would like to start learning how to read the energy objects, then we suggest you follow these steps:

  1. Find a place where you won’t be disturbed – Sitting or standing is fine
  2. Relax your mind and body, and bring to your mind the idea of what psychometry means for you
  3. Select an object and touch it with your hand.
  4. Allow your hand to fully embrace the object, and as you do focus on the texture of the object as it touches your skin.
  5. Now allow the essence or energy of the object to reveal to you its secrets. This can be done by:
    1. Asking the object either around or in your mind for it to reveal to your the knowledge it holds
    2. Just observing images or scenes that appear in your mind
    3. Being mindful of your feelings – Has there been a sudden change
    4. Being mindful of your body – Are there any new aches and pains

What can psychometry be used for?

Apart from providing information during readings, it can be used to gain information in many different settings. With practice, you will find that when you need to know something, the information will come sometimes in the most unexpected manner, like shaking someone’s hand or picking up a knife.

When people go into nature and run their hands through water or the grass, hug a tree or pick up a rock, they are also sensing the energy of that object, and possibly receiving energetic information, that consciously makes a person feel calm but is actually providing information to your soul to assist in the journey.

Thank you for reading this far we really hope you received something from our information. We wish you love and light always.

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