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The choices you make today affect your future. When you are in the dark on something or need to know now,
a Psychic Reading can provide clarity.


Cheryl / Psychic 

Why Choose Mysticnrg for your next reading?

More than 40 years of reading experience.

Our reader Cheryl has been reading in the Newcastle area for more than 40 years. She is the Psychic tour guide at the Maitland Goal since 1998.  

Psychic Reading Experience

Facts not guess work

Cheryl has the ability to connect with you on a deep empathetic level, and connects closely with your guides, and passed over spirits to provide you evidenced based information.

Psychic Reading - Empathy

Practical guidance

When you have a reading with Cheryl you will learn your future in normal language. If a spade needs to be called  a spade it will be called a spade. 

Psychic Reading Advice Help Support And Tips


 Psychic reading 

We are Mysticnrg. Our focus is to provide you with the very best

Private and Confidential Psychic Reading.   

Main Benefits of a Psychic Reading

Psychic Reading Benefits

A good Psychic Reading provides the following benefits:

  • Insight into your future
  • Opens yours eyes
  • Connects you with your spirit guides
  • Confirms or validates ideas and suspicions
  • Can Identify blocks or gifts
  • Can ease anxiety. 


Learn your past, present, and future.

A good psychic will pull energies from your past, present, and future in order to give you the most helpful insight.


Open your eyes to other possibilities

You may feel out of options, but a psychic reading can reveal new life paths.


Connect with your spirit guide/s

Good Psychics connect with your guides and passed over loved ones to provide advice to you now.


Receive confirmation or validation

Validate your struggles and confirm your actions are in line with your life's purpose.

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Cheryl helped me so much in so little time. I will definitely come back and talk to her again. It’s like she knew everything like she was my best friend. I can’t thank her enough.


Cheryl is truly a gifted reader. She has helped me heaps and is always completely on track. Everything she has said has come true for me and I trust her completely. 


AAAAMAZING!!!!! Cheryl is phenomenal! Such great guidance and insight always!!! No B.S. . Thank you!!! 



Mysticnrg is here to provide you with the very best Psychic Reading