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Clairvoyance means “clear sight”. It is the ability to see with the mind’s eye or third eye as spirit see’s. Imagine being able to see anything you wanted with just a thought. You would be able to see distant places instantly, see the energy fields, around plants, people, animals, and objects. Clairvoyance includes being able to go forward and backward in time.

Most people have Clairvoyance to one degree or another, however, the majority tend to dismiss the idea as sheer fantasy. What if it was a fantasy that can be validated. What do we mean – Well when you have a dream that comes true, then that is a form of unconscious clairvoyance. Take that to a conscious level by imagining a distant place or event, then visiting to determine your accuracy.

Clairvoyance training

The difference between spirit and you are spirit is not locked in by the dogma surrounding the human experience. Spirit knows, and it happens. In human form, your beliefs, subconscious programs, social stigmas, upbringing impact your ability to see as spirit does. It sounds daunting to overcome.

Clairvoyance training can remove or reduce the impacts of the previously mentioned chains to your ability to see as spirit does. The aim of clairvoyance training is to bring balance or understanding of the things that are preventing you from seeing.

In principal by balancing or bringing understanding to an identified blockage, your energy vibration is raised, and this fundamentally enables you to view as spirt does.

To bring balance you need to be able to visualize, meditate, or contemplate an image, scene or thought long enough to find the learning. Balance is obtained when the lesson behind the image, scene or thought is learned.

Focus Your Mind to Learn

There are two ways to do this. One is to live your life until you have learned your lessons, or you can focus your body/mind on the things that are holding you back.

Most people, however, do not know what is preventing them from seeing. To reveal your blockages you need to spend time contemplating or meditating on your thoughts and behavior.

Ball of light

An initial way to do this is to sit quietly and relax your body. Once relaxed focus on your breathing. As you breathe in and out imagine a beautiful ball of white light appearing directly in front of you.

Once the ball of light becomes solid, notice that the air between you and the ball of light has become energized with the white light. As you breathe you begin to ingest the white light. Focus your attention on drawing more and more of the light into your lungs.


As your lungs become full of white light see in your mind’s eye that the light begins to travel out into your bloodstream. Soon the light is pulsing through your body, and as it does you will find your attention drawn to various areas of your body that have a different color to the rest of your body.

One of these areas will stand out more than the others. This is the one you need to focus on now. Draw your attention to the area, and as you do, ask in your mind for the area to reveal why it is different from the other areas.


At first, you may not get a response, but you just might. Monitor the imagery, thoughts, and feelings that are raised when you are focused on the area. The results will either be abrupt in your face or maybe sublime. Either way, this is the first step to identifying your blocks.

Once you feel you need to move on draw your attention back to your breathing and see the white light begin to leave your body. Soon all the light will have returned to where it came from and it is time to give thanks to the light for shining light into the areas that you are ready to bring balance to.

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