6 Steps to Discovering Your True Purpose

6 Steps to Discovering Your True Purpose

Are you unhappy in life, bored with your work, or know there is something else you should be doing but your not sure what it is? Then this post will provide you some insight into what your true purpose in life is. Most people tend to let random events dictate their life’s path with inner urges waved off as beyond reach or whims of fancy. Some people are lucky enough to fall into their passions.

If you have yet to find your true life’s purpose yet, don’t worry, most people haven’t either. All is not lost however because at any moment with some attention you can find yourself on track again.  Just like cultivating your inner creative, finding your true purpose in life is going to take some time and reflection. The following six simple steps will help you find your true life’s purpose.

Note: A true purpose is not necessarily related to work or creating income. If you can combine true purpose and financial security then that’s a bonus, but not essential. Lets begin! 

Pay Attention to What Interests You

6 steps to discovering your true purpose Pay Attention to What Interests You
6 steps to discovering your true purpose Pay Attention to What Interests You

The things that interest you can be sign posts to your true purposes. The important thing about your interests is the feelings created when engaged in your interests. Life is about your feelings and the more you tune in to your feelings the more closer you will align with your true purpose.  

Look into the Past

Our past is the culmination of all our choices, and has resulted in who you are today. Now you may not want to change anything, and frankly what is done is done, but if you are looking to make choices that align with your true purpose then reflecting on the choices you made in the past will provide you clues to making better choices in the future.

Past Reflection Activity:

Resources: Pen and Paper – 30 minutes or more of quiet time.


  1. Make your self comfortable and relaxed
  2. Start thinking about your past
  3. Observer your thoughts
  4. Initially you may get stuck on one thought or you multiple thoughts. Just observe what you remember and write down how the memory and how it made you feel.
  5. Once you have one or more events and associated feelings written down try and remember the choices you made, and the reason for the choice.
  6. Reflecting on your choices and how you made your choices will provide you with clues to align closer with your your true purpose.

Test your Future

Everyone of us has a sixth sense, a gut feeling, a knowing that we can pay attention to or ignore. Our past is a collection of memories and feelings and our future is our potential. You have the ability to test your future by imagining any eventuality and assessing how these events make you feel. Use a similar process to the past activity, but instead of a memory think of a dream or something you want. You are looking for something that when you ponder it, gives you goose bumps or a feeling of inner joy.

Try New Things

When you ponder the future you will receive ideas of the things that excite you. To ensure you have interpreted correctly it is important to try these new things and confirm the feelings you explored in your future and are confirmed in the present. 

Don’t Follow Others Dreams

Your parents may have shaped your upbringing so that you take over the family business or enter the same work field as your parents, but if you have an inner feeling that you need to be doing something else then you need to explore that feeling and discover what it is for you. You are a unique creative being capable of anything you set your mind to. Use the suggestions here or listen to your inner intuitive self and begin your journey to your true self. You are worth it.


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